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Parvel GO


Scandinavian design.

Parvel has a classic Scandinavian, minimalist design. The white RoHS-certified unit feels smooth and has an almost rubber-like feel that breathes quality.

Small, no cords, no charging. 

Parvel is a baby monitor that is easy to use. Just one unit to keep track of, the rest is in your phone. Parvel doesn't even need charging. It runs on a single, replaceable battery that lasts up to 2 years.

Motion - the new sound.

Parvel uses advanced motion sensors to monitor the baby's sleep. That way Parvel can alert the parent even as the baby is about to wake up. Parvel is also the only baby monitor that is designed to be used outdoors and not falsely alert the parent as soon as a plane flies by or a car passed on the street.


Most parents worry that their child is to warm or to cold while in the pram. Thanks to Parvel's temperature sensor and it's nifty size you can monitor and keep track of the temperature where it actually matters i.e. inside the sleeping bag, overall or underneath the blanket. Parvel will also alert the parent as soon as the temperature starts to change.

Low radiation = good.

The technology used by Parvel to stay in contact with your phone emits extremely low levels of electro magnetic radiation. Dramatically lower than other baby monitors on the market. That's why you can rest assured that Parvel is perfectly safe to use and won't expose your baby to unnecessary radiation.


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