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Parvel GO

€69,00 EUR

Temperature & motion monitoring.

Parvel GO and your phone is all you need.

Parvel GO is a smart baby monitor that keeps track of the temperature and motions where your baby is sleeping. Compared to a "traditional" baby monitor that only monitors sound, Parvel GO will analyse the baby's sleep pattern based on motions and alert the parent even as the baby is about to wake up. As a parent that gives you those extra valuable seconds to be able to get there before you child wakes up, just to be there when they do or even sooth them back to sleep if necessary.

Place Parvel GO underneath the blanket or inside the sleeping bag or overall to get accurate readings of the temperature that the baby is actually exposed to.

Parvel GO will monitor the session in the background and alert you if the temperature starts to change or if your child is starting to wake up. The phone can still be used just as you normally would.

You can select which sensors to have activated and also set the sensitivity. This way you can tailor the settings to suit your child or even use different settings for different children. 

One unit. No cords. No charging.

Perfect in the pram!

The small and compact format of Parvel GO (4x4cm) makes it ideal to bring and use anywhere. There is no need to bother with depleted batteries, power adaptors or extra units. Parvel GO and your phone is all you need. It is always on and always ready.

The battery in Parvel GO will also last you up to 2 years and is easily replaced once depleted.

The Bluetooth technology used in Parvel GO ensures what is probably the lowest radiation emitted among available baby monitors today, making it a safer option for your baby. Parvel GO's SAR-value is 0,002 W/kg which is up to 100x lower than other baby monitors.

Parvel GO is ideal for babies that often sleep in the pram and where the parent wants to be able to keep track of the temperature. 


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